Lofts can be amazingly versatile and you can extend up into a loft with a profressional loft conversion which will add value and space to your home , by calling B D Contractors, who offer a professional loft conversion service in Eastbournei and the surrounding areas.

What could you do - up in your loft?  Obviously with more height to play with, the more versatile your conversion will be.  But we have helped our clients move up into their lofts and make more room in their homes - without sacrificing the garden areas and without creating major trauma in their lives!

With 2.2m of headspace, there are a wealth of possibilities.  Not all lofts can be converted straight to new accommodation, but there are so many options for creating enough head height if there isn't enough, such as lowering ceilings below, raising the roof, pinching space in landings, Velux windows etc, so don't assume that you can't get the extra rooms you need without getting a quote!

All that space that's previously been used for storing junk, can create light-filled, airy spaces, in fact it is possible to double your living space - for half the money.  Ambitious it might seem, but with B D Contractors Loft conversion specialists, in Eastbourne, we will work with you to make your dreams a reality.

Thousands of home owners have discovered that they can expand their homes for fraction of the cost of buying larger with Eastbourne loft conversion company B D Contractors. 

For some properties, most of the loft conversion can be done without recourse to the inside of the house until the last moment.  The high standards of our work speak for themselves, as you can see if you look at our Portfolio and Testimonials from clients we've helped throughout Eastbourne and elsewhere in Sussex.

It can be stressful but the rewards of all that extra living space can be well worth the wait.  Spectacular bedrooms, bathrooms, playrooms, master bedroom and ensuite?  Brand new spaces to create your peaceful office, no more squeezing your family into tiny corners, the loft conversion Eastbourne company BD Contractors can create for you will fulfil your wildest dreams of a more palatial residence.

We can deal with all the architectural planning and design stages with you, apply for permissions from the local Council, project manage your loft conversion for you at every stage, and keep you fully informed at every stage.

B D Contractors specialise in loft conversions in Eastbourne, Seaford, Brighton and the surrounding areas and we've been in the business for 30 years, we're skilled at ensuring that your new look home is created with the minimum of disruption and inconvenience to you, discussing all the processes involved . We're the one stop shop for loft conversions in the Eastbourne area.  

Call B D Contractors loft conversions Eastbourne and discover for yourself the excitement of moving into your new loft conversion and enjoying life without restrictions as to living space.