What would you like to do with your property?  If you can't move into what you want, or can't afford it, improving your present property with high quality property renovations is definitely the way to go for many homeowners in Eastbourne.

New roof?  Bathroom?  Kitchen?  Garage? Loft Conversion?  Orangery/Conservatory?  Landscaping? Give us a call.  

Seeing the finished product and waving off the builders can be a most satisfying experience - before you can fully appreciate your new space and find all those things you want to put in their proper place.  Improving your home means you don't have to move to a new area, uproot the children, pack all your stuff and pay Solicitors' fees, disbursements and Stamp Duty.  So property renovation is something many people go for.

The most important thing to decide at the very outset, is your budget.  All of your renovation planning will depend on your finances, but clever design, good planning and skilful builders will give us the final price (and unless something really unexpected happens, there is no excuse not to be reliable and complete work to time, and to budget, for all our clients).  We think that keeping in good contact is paramount when it's your home we are working on. 

If you're looking at renovating your property, then B D Contractors are the team to come to in the Eastbourne area. We listen closely to your dreams and ideas, and then we'll tell you how our experts can create for you the home of your own design to the high specifications that we always aim for - and what is realistically achievable in the time allowed. 

We like to create something WE are proud of and which YOU will delight in. 

Please take a look at our Testimonials and Gallery, showing some of our many projects that we are proud to say we have completed. 

High Quality Property Renovations in Eastbourne

B D Contractors are professional builders with 30 years of experience, a family firm with our roots on the Sussex coast.  All clients expect high standards, and we are used to working to exacting specifications and giving a good service. Whether it's a simple kitchen installation or a complicated 'designer' makeover - and some of our clients' ideas have meant completely custom solutions - we have been able to resolve all difficulties to make some innovative and exciting new home features for them.

There are many stages to the building process.  Your initial concept of what you want, is followed by budget considerations, designing it and getting planning permission, building regulations and any structural calculations that may be required. All must be looked at with care and realism. Your project may involve many trades (plumbing, electrics, etc) before the decorators finally finish off - the icing on the cake. 

Less Stressful Property Renovations in Eastbourne

Improving your home with style and imagination takes skill and ingenuity.  And we know how much property renovations can wreak havoc and wear out the most patient of people if they are forced to live on the site, or even if they can afford to move out of it temporarily.

Things like strangers breezing in and out of your home, strange noises and vibrations disturbing the peace, heavy equipment turning up and limited access to things like your kitchen, bathroom or toilet...high expectations, and limited budgets, can cause a lot of stress!  

But our team of fully insured and bonded, trusted skilled trades and craftsmen are fully aware of what home and property renovation is all about and we know that taking account of your routine and natural day to day concerns about what is going on in your home - in short, consideration and care! - will give you confidence and help you cope with all the upheaval.

We have the skills to resolve problems quickly will ensure that you have the home of your dreams without triggering an anxiety attack!

So many  homeowners go for property renovations in Eastbourne.  There are many people who retire to Eastbourne or buy a holiday home in Eastbourne, and there are many families too requiring modernisation, extensions, or adaptations to make life easier.  With an excellent reputation for property renovations in Eastbourne we will help you through all the planning and design with our excellent customer service, and always handle with professionalism and politeness, all our dealings with you. 

Professional Eastbourne Property Renovations 

Because Eastbourne has so many different types of housing, we have worked on everything from creating flat conversions to renovating grand Victorian villas, extending a 60 bungalow and barn conversions are also becoming very fashionable, but with a lot of internal and external work to consider, these are not for the faint hearted!

For many people property renovations - especially while they have to live in the property - can seem like an overwhelming experience and they would prefer to simply move house.  But if you can't afford the home of your dreams, but still need more accommodation then something like a loft conversion or extension does not have to take over your life.  

Property renovations are always pretty stressful but with careful planning and consideration of your lifestyle, we aim to ensure that the work is completed with as little disruption to your life as possible.  For example, dust is a huge problem with any property renovation project and we ensure that work areas are completely sealed off from the rest of the home and only removed at the last possible moment before vacuuming up.  There will still dust be in the air, which will gradually disperse.  Sadly, there's nothing like banging into walls or plaster to create huge clouds of dust!

When it comes to listed building property renovations in Eastbourne, we have certainly had plenty of experience.  Please see our Gallery.

So, whether you're looking for traditional crafts or modern building styles, you must know that BD Contractors have created many home enhancements for our delighted Eastbourne customers thatt have made an enormous difference to their quality of life.

From complete whole house painting to major construction projects, building on a new roof, making you an outside space to entertain in the garden, (taking advantage of the great climate, these are very popular in Eastbourne) or hanging a door, no job is too large, or too small for us to consider and we do them all with the same attention to detail and ensure good communication with our clients. 

We also quote for commercial projects such as car parks, office buildings, community landscaping.  Trust a professional team for property renovations in Eastbourne.  So call us, and let's get started!